Dr John Flutter BDS (London)
Dental Surgeon

In just the last 10 years, I have visited over sixty countries teaching myofunctional orthodontics. While overseas, I have been listening and looking at a range of techniques and approaches to orthodontic treatment. I have learned I need to look at the whole person and for straight teeth we need a straight body. Good posture and breathing are important for good health as well as straight teeth.

Dr Flutter qualified as a Dentist in 1971 and has been practising orthodontics for 40 years.  In 2007 he opened his practice in Brisbane that focuses treatment on the growing child.

He now works exclusively in dentofacial orthopaedics and orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Dr Flutter is the Queensland State President of the Australian Association of Orofacial Orthopaedics and is a certified Breathing Practitioner.

Dr Flutter has lectured on Myofunctional Influences on Facial Growth and the dentition in 66 different countries in the last 12 years as well as publishing articles in journals throughout the world, including the IAO journal “The Negative Effects of Mouth Breathing”.