About Dr John Flutter

I was born in England and went to university in London.

I qualified as a dentist in 1972 and worked in general practice in London for five years.

From the first day in general practice I started to provide orthodontic care for my patients. In those days I worked under the National Health Service and patients who required orthodontic treatment could be referred to a specialist orthodontist for diagnosis and a treatment plan. The specialist then advised on treatment and I could refer the patient back at any time later if I needed help. In this way I developed my treatment skills and gained experience.

After five years of working in London I sold my house and practice and bought a Land Rover and drove to Australia.

After a short period of work in Melbourne and Seymour in Victoria I moved to Gladstone, Queensland in 1979. I started a new practice in Gladstone and continued to provide some orthodontic care. At that time there were no orthodontic specialists in Gladstone. Many of my patients were asking for orthodontic treatment in Gladstone so I started to attend courses to improve my skills. As my skills and knowledge improved I started treating more orthodontic patients until it became a large part of my practice. Today I do no other treatment at all.

I completed numerous courses in Australia, Europe and the United States. I spent many hours studying. I spent time with specialist orthodontists to learn more. I passed an examination with the International Association of Orthodontics in Hawaii in 1995.

I was elected president of the Australian Association of Orofacial Orthopaedics and I am still the Queensland president of the same association.

In 1996 I was asked to lecture at the first Australian Symposium on Dentofacial Orthopaedics. The lecture was well received and as a result, over the next three years, I was asked to lecture in London, Canada, Spain, Malaysia and again in Australia. I enjoyed teaching and I was told that I had skills in this area that I also developed. In particular I was one of the first dentists to use computer generated presentations and use video images.

In 1999 after a lecture in Spain I was approached to lecture for Myofunctional Research Company initially in Europe. I agreed and as a result I have now visited over 60 different countries (some many times) throughout the world lecturing to dentists and orthodontists. The material is generally very well received. At two conferences I have been voted the best presentation at the conference by the delegates. I received the highest score ever at one meeting in the US in 2003.

I spent most of 2001 writing and producing a DVD to help dentists to review the material in my lectures. I have sold over 1500 of them. The DVD was produced for dentists but recently I have had very good feedback from non-dentists. I have now reduced the cost of the DVD and made it available to the general public.

In July 2002 I sold my general practice in Gladstone and now I work six days a month in Gladstone providing only orthodontic care. The remainder of the month I travel and lecture. I have made an overseas trip almost every month since October 2000.

In February 2007 I opened my first “Orthodontic Early Treatment Centre” in Brisbane. I treat children and adults of all ages but I like to focus on children 5-9 years old while they are still growing.

I have designed the centre so I can deliver a myofunctional therapy to the maximum number of children at an affordable price. In order to reduce fees we see hold training, breathing and postural classes with up to eight children at a time. In this way we can give greater care to larger numbers of children.

Every week I hold a Free Information Seminar for Parents and Children to help parents choose from the many alternatives that are available in orthodontic care.