General dental services

Did you know John Flutter Dental offers a full range of general dental services at the one convenient location?  We have fully-equipped consultation rooms where our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be glad to discuss any dental concerns you have (and may have been putting off).

Comprehensive dental examinations

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Detailed written reports

  • Intraoral photographs

Other common procedures

  • Fillings

  • Crowns, bridges and veneers

  • Implants

  • Root canal treatment

  • Snoring and sleep apnoea

  • Jaw joint problems

  • Wisdom teeth

Adult Orthodontic treatment

Before we start orthodontic treatment for adults we need to complete three steps.

  1. An initial consultation.
  2. A comprehensive adult examination and records
  3. A case presentation.

Initial consultation

This is a conversation with Dr Flutter to identify your concerns and discuss any previous treatment you may have had.

A short presentation outlining the aims and purpose of the treatment we provide.


Comprehensive adult examination

This is to ensure that your teeth and jaws are suitable for our programme. This is comprised of two parts which can either be conducted on the same day or split into two separate appointments (Part A which covers General Dental and Part B which covers the orthodontic aspects). This includes:


(Part A – General Dental)

‐ A complete dental examination:

An assessment of every tooth to identify any carious lesions (cavities or decay) and the status of existing restorations (fillings). After this appointment we will prepare a full report on every tooth contained in your mouth. We will make recommendations to rectify any problems that we identify.

‐ A full periodontal examination

This is to look at the bony support of each tooth. It involves taking a series of measurements around each tooth and checking with a full mouth radiograph (x‐ray). This will allow us to assess the existing tooth support. We do this to be sure that the teeth will be able to tolerate being moved within the jawbones.

(Part B – Orthodontic)

‐ A postural assessment

The body works as a single system. The teeth and jaws are part of that system. Correction of jaw posture may not be possible within the existing body posture. We will identify and report on any variation from the ideal pattern. We may recommend you to seek further help in rectifying problems that are identified.

‐ A breathing assessment

The tongue and the lips must function correctly in order to gain stability of any improvement we make in the tooth and jaw position. Nasal breathing is important to obtain a required lip seal.

Snoring, sleep apnoea (stopping breathing while sleeping) and tooth grinding at night are often associated with the same dysfunctional breathing patterns that lead to irregular teeth and jaws.

Jaw joint dysfunction is now recognised to be closely related to dysfunctional breathing.

We will assess your breathing pattern and advise on any correction that may be required

‐ An orthodontic assessment

We will assess the relationship of your teeth to each other and identify any imbalance of your jaws.

‐ Records

Photographs of the face, teeth, jaw, posture and feet.

Models of the upper and lower teeth taken from moulds of the jaws.

Xrays of the jaws and skull.


Case presentation

This will be a discussion of the written report on all the aspects that we have examined followed by an explanation of the treatment that is recommended. It will discuss treatment options and limitations of treatment. It will include details of fees and length of treatment.

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