Dr John Flutter is dedicated towards helping parents avoid the need for braces in their children. Before treatment can commence you will need to complete three steps:


Attend a free information seminar (or free private consultation)

At the free information seminar Dr Flutter uses a slide show to demonstrate the cause of crooked teeth to children and parents. It is directed mainly at the children. Dr Flutter will briefly look at each child, if they wish, and give an indication of what is the main problem. Dr Flutter will then address the parents explaining the methods and costs associated with orthodontic treatment at John Flutter Dental. 

Each family will be given an information pack to take home which includes: the quote for steps two and three, a cost estimate for the treatment, x-ray & medical forms for the next step. 

The Information Seminar runs for one hour and we have up to six families with parents and children.

A free private consultation is an option for those who cannot attend a free information seminar.  More information and registration can be found on the following page.

Examination and records

Examination – This is a forty minute appointment with Dr Flutter. We gather contact details and require a medical questionnaire to be completed. Dr Flutter will examine the teeth, the soft tissues of the lips and tongue. Measure the teeth and jaw sizes. He will make an initial assessment of the health of the temporo-mandibular joint. He will give a verbal diagnosis and further indication of the sort of treatment that may be required including an approximate cost and duration of the treatment.

Records – Impressions of the upper and lower jaw, x-ray analysis of the teeth and skull and also take photographs of the teeth, face, body posture and feet. Records are taken at all major stages of treatment.

Case presentation and written report

The case presentation is a one hour extended consultation. Dr Flutter will display the records (x-rays, photographs and models) and explain in detail exactly what the problem is. He will explain the treatment options and demonstrate the appliances that will be required. He will explain in detail what the patient can expect and their responsibilities during treatment.

He will give a written report and quote, for the entire cost of the treatment and the payment options. You will have a folder to take away with the written quote and informed consent documents and how to proceed with treatment. Both parents and the patient are welcome to attend this appointment.

An online consultation is very much the same as a normal initial consultation except the appointment is with one patient only and a fee will be charged.

Dr Flutter will be able to view and assess your child using your webcam and give you an opinion on the underlying myofunctional and breathing patterns observed.

He will then be able to give an indication of what treatment would be needed to make a correction.

Preparing for your online consultation

  1. Please ensure you have Skype or Gmail (called Google Chat) setup with your computers webcam.
  2. Contact our practice to make an appointment. The practice can be emailed on enquiries@jfdental.com. Appointments available from 6:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday AEST.
  3. Arrange payment of $180 AUD per child either on Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Debit.
  4. We will mail you one pair of cheek retractors for each child you would like Dr. Flutter to see.
  5. Download and print one of the informed consent documents:
    1. Information for people aged 5-12
    2. Information for people over 12 (including adults)
    3. Informed consent presentation
  6. Be ready online at the appointment time to connect with Dr Flutter.