Myobrace Therapy uses early intervention methods to avoid the need for braces or extractions. 

Did you know that braces can be avoided?  These alternative techniques are less invasive than traditional methods and also offer a range of health benefits.

What is Myobrace Therapy?

Myobrace Therapy looks at correcting the underlying cause of crooked teeth by retraining the muscle patterns that influence their position & improving the way your child breathes.

Correcting oral habits that impact negatively on the development of the teeth & jaws such as mouth breathing, low tongue posture & swallowing incorrectly will help reduce relapse and ensure stable results.

Most orthodontic problems are best diagnosed and treated while your child is still growing.  Children treated earlier have more cranial growth remaining to promote better jaw & facial development.

Dr John Flutter presents a lecture at the 2014 Breathing Conference at the Karolinska institute in Stockholm. Dr John Flutter explains what causes "crooked teeth" and why poor oral habits such as mouth breathing or swallowing incorrectly have a negative impact on our teeth & facial development.